Delia Schindler
Die Laughing Dinner Theater was established by Delia Schindler in 1998.  Delia has been
acting in St. Louis Dinner Theaters since 1987 and is the longest running Dinner Theater
actress in St. Louis, Missouri.   In addition to her "Die Laughing" Dinner Theater, Delia  
has appeared in local TV commercials, Industrial films, the movies "King of the Hill" and
"Silent Night" and the NBC miniseries " A Will of Their Own" with Leah Thompson.
Delia appeared on a Portal Greeting Card available nationwide.
A Birthday Card called the"Hair Raiser".
It was a photo shoot to show the trouble women went through
to look beautiful. That was a still working permanent wave machine
with 2 settings. HIGH & LOW Voltage. Ouch!!
Hello Bride of Frankenstein!
This picture also appeared in "Maxim" Magazine's calender section
on National Wive's Day. Under the picture it said,"We had fun doing
your wife last night!"(Okay now that was a little embarrassing.)

In St. Louis, MO at Plaza Frontenac and Chase Park Plaza Cinemas she 1s "Mom"
who  comes on before the movie and tells you how to behave in the theater.
This attention getter is still available at
Delia is the opera singing, breast plated, horn hat wearing woman driving a car for        an
Enterprise Leasing Ad.
See Delia as HIPPA the "Super Hero Nurse" at all SSM Healthcare facilities.  
All Ameren UE employees can see the industrial film of how to handle an irate customer.  
Take a good look under those hair rollers, its Delia.
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Delia was the "President Casino Girl" in the Commercial, "Who Rocked The Aerobics".

Delia appeared on the cover of Intermission Magazine as Mother Goose

USA Federal Bank wanted Delia to open her own Kissing Booth
What a Character!

My Partner John Vullo also plays a mean guitar.   
I would like to introduce you to

“Old Friends.”

John Vullo and Kevin Kurth are a Folk and
Acoustic Guitar Duo. They perform songs of the
60’s & 70’s. Their play list includes songs by
Peter, Paul & Mary, Johnny Cash, The Who,
Credence and even the Beatles!

They would be great for an
evening of easy listening
nostalgic entertainment.
The cost is $225 for 2
hours. You can call me to
arrange the boys coming
out to your facility.
636- 441-1787
I highly recommend them!