Red Neck Wedding
“Get Hitched to a Red Neck or Die”
To all our Kinfolk !
Ma & Pa Red Neck r’ cord-jelly invitin’ ya’ll  for vittles after the
weddin’ rehearsal of our son Bubba to Billie Jean,
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Don  Worthington.

Directions to the Neck Hog Farm:
Ya’ go over yonder a piece, pass the big blue silo. Turn right at the
old oak tree with the sign sayin’ “Trespassers will be SHOT.”  Pass
the red barn that needs new paint.  Go straight a spell til’ ya’ see
the outhouse on the left, with the buckshot in the door under the
moon. Foller the barbed wire fence to the opened gate.
Turn right, under the arch with a life sized etchin’ of our prize boar
“Porky” hangin’ on it.  Park down in the holler.   
Don’t hit any pigs!
Weddin’ rehearsal of their son Bubba and fiancé Billie Jean.

Cousins Gomer Pyle, The Duck Dynasty Clan, Dolly Parton, Honey Boo
Boo, Jeff Houndsworthy, Larry the Fable Guy along with Jed Clampett
and all his kin are coming.
The future in-laws, the Worthington Family, will be there too. They are
all city folk, including Joe Pesky and Justine Carcerated.

Ma and Pa think Bubba is working several jobs as a cook and paper
delivery boy. He actually is an undercover agent for the DEA and FBI.
Somebody at the gathering is the head honcho behind a drug cartel.
Will Bubba solve the case before he gets hitched
or will it be a shot gun wedding?
Come and get served up a heaping helping of our hospitality,
Red Neck Style.