"Lucy Loves Ricky"
We present “Lucy Loves Ricky”
as a tribute to the  premiere of  the “I Love Lucy”
Show in October 1951.
Lucy is trying to break into show business again by getting into Ricky’s new show at
the remodeled “Cope-With-Your Banana Club”.  She tries to prove to Ricky and the
owner of the club, Regis Philitin, that she can sing, dance and even do tricks. Lucy has
got some “Splainin” to do when a well-known food critic comes to review the fine
cuisine.  Will he get a taste of murder, Vitameatavegamin, or just one of Lucy’s
Homemade Brownies?  Join us for a madcap adventure with
everyone’s Favorite, Fabulous Redhead in "Lucy Loves Ricky."
Lucy Loves Ricky.