Lucy and Ricky TEE-OFF

“Lucy & Ricky Tee-Off ”
Ricky is hosting the 1951 Celebrity Golf
Tournament for Charity at Pebble Beach
Country Club.  All the big golfers will be there:
PGA winner Sam Sneed and Master’s
Champion Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer,
Bobby Jones, Babe Zaharias, Patty Burg and a
new comer named Tiger Inthewoods.

There are Movie and TV stars playing also:
Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall,
The Honeymooners, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby,
& Dorothy Lamour, George Burns
& Gracie Allen, along with John Wayne, and
William Holden.
Lucy has never played golf,
so Ricky has to teach her.
She doesn’t know a slice from a hook
or a wood from an iron. Lucy tells Ricky that
she has a nice iron that Westinghouse makes,
but it’s going to take a really long cord
if she is going to play with it.

Will Ricky get teed-off or will there be a
hole in one redhead?
Find out how to really address the ball with
“ Lucy & Ricky Tee-Off ”