Lucy Goes 'Cruisin'
The year is 1951 and Ricky's Act from the Cope-with-your-banana's Club has been
booked on a luxurious Cruise Ship. Ricky and Lucy meet crew members Captain Ty
Panik, Purser Percy Strings, Cheryl Crowsnest and Polly Wannacracker.  Some new
acts have been added for the show including Elvis, Lee Barachi, Tom Cruise, and
the comedy team of Lewis and Clark. Lucy is at her madcap best as she tries to sing
and dance her way into the new show. She also wants to renew their wedding vows
on the voyage, but Ricky won't agree to either one. She suddenly realizes her
wedding ring has been stolen. Is there a cat burglar on board? With the help of
Inspector Jacque Cluesew, the famous underwater detective, Ricky gets to the heart
of the matter. Maybe Ricky will have some "Splainin' to do" this time! Will he renew
their wedding vows and find Lucy's Ring or will everything sink?

Get on the passenger's list to sail away with Lucy and
Ricky on their Bon Voyage.