Murder at the Mardi Gras
"Murder at the Mardi Gras"
Written by John Vullo

The way Bitsy treats her crew it is no wonder there is a mutiny brewing and she winds
up dead. Which one does the dirty deed? Is it loveable talk show host Ellen
Degenerous, football player Terry Bradslaw, Trumpeter Louis Headstrong or singer
Harry Conduit Jr.?

It’s Mardi Gras!

Bitsy is getting her crew together to
plan their float for this year’s Mardi
Gras Parade.  She has been reigning
queen for three years. She does have
perfect hair!  Maybe Bitsy has had to
cheat, lie and steal to do it, but she
doesn’t care.  Her boyfriend, Carlos
Violencello, the well- known mobster
and concert violinist is paying for
everything. What can go wrong?

You can help unmask Bitsy’s Killer
as Pirates John LaFeet and his
wench Anne Bonny sort out
this dastardly crew. Or  was it that
old New Orleans’s voodoo magic
that sank her ship?