Archie Bunker is POed
at his PPO and HMO!
Edith is working hard to save the
“Oh Happy Day Nursing Home" from being
torn down.  She is in charge of the White
Elephant Fund Raiser.  Some of the Nursing
Home residents like Ima Oldcoot, Polly
Dent, Will Chair and Liv Erspots are helping
her too.  Dr. Mark S. Wellby has come to
Edith’s meeting to update them on the
ongoing negotiations with the
" Willgetcha Corporation", that is trying to
have the Home condemned.  Dr. Upton
Nogood, Nurse Coldy Hands, Reverend
Beltcher and Nurse Hatchet are willing to
come to Dr. Wellby’s aid.

Will Edith need an operation or will Archie
prescribe the cure himself?  Come join the
Bunkers as Archie takes a hilarious scalpel
to the Health Care Industry.  

Warning: This Prescription must be taken
with plenty of laughter.
"Prescription: Bunker"