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What People say about Die Laughing Dinner Theater Productions
Lion's Convention in Dixon Illinois, March 2008, Lucy and Ricky Show:
You were both fantastic! I'm sure your inspirations are looking down fondly from Heaven, Smiling!  

Illinois Telecommunications Association, June 2008:
WOW!! That's the one word that sums up everyone's response to your comedy presentation. I can truthfully say that
your comedy act is the best entertainment we have ever had at our annual banquet. You closed out our convention
with a big bang! Everyone thought they would die laughing!

Harrah's Casino from Michelle Waldhauser:
"Your performance this week was absolutely incredible! You and John are truly entertainers and we enjoyed every
second! I will be in touch soon to talk about your Scarlett O'Harrah's Show and to pick future dates!

Pharmacist's Association Awards Banquet:
You and your partner made a great team - Archie and Edith! I looked around the room and everyone was laughing
and having a great time. I still have members coming up to me to tell me that this banquet was one of the best in
years and " how is anyone going to top this one". You are a great entertainer and a great person.

Things we hear all of the time:
Is that your own hair?
What are you still doing here? You should be in Las Vegas.
You made me laugh so hard...good thing I wear Depends.
Are those your own eyes?
I've never laughed that hard in my whole life.
From two little girls at a Cystic Fibrosis benefit: "When you put that chocolate down your blouse , did it melt?"
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