They call me "Mr. Bunker"

“They Call Me Mr. Bunker”
Archie Gets His Identity Stolen

Archie and the guys at the loading dock need to learn computer
skills  or else they will lose their jobs.
He had to enter his personal information and when the credit card
bill arrives there are several items on it that he didn’t purchase.
He becomes a victim of Identity theft.

Edith is hosting the Neighborhood Association Meeting
and has quite an agenda. Rea Deemby and Noah Expirationdate
present coupon and money saving ideas. The head of the
Neighborhood Watch Program, Major Mel Funchon gives a
speech he should “Patton.”
Join the neighborhood with sisters Bo Tox & Dee Tox, wannabe
alderman Mr. Virgil Tibbs, the Jefferson’s and
Mike & Gloria to find out who stole Archie’s identity.

Archie wishes they could go back to a world without computers.
Oh, Those Were The Days.