"Die Laughing"

Delight your groups with trivia geared for seniors. Enjoy answering questions  
about the Golden Age of Television, Movies, History and more.

Prizes awarded to the table that answers the most questions correctly.
Everybody at the winning table gets to choose a prize to take home.

What was the name of Dale Evans Horse?
Who said, ”This is a day that will live in infamy” ?
What TV couple starred in the movie, ”The Long Long Trailer”?

If you are curious about the answers to these questions than you will love
Golden Age Trivia.  

Join “Die Laughing” Dinner Theater’s Delia Schindler as she hosts your group
with trivia and fun from the Golden Age.

We Can Bring The Entertainment to You
To book any “Die Laughing Theater” Show or Golden Age Trivia event at your
facility call Delia at 636-441-1787 for available dates and prices.
Golden Age Trivia